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Half-Life 2: 10 Years Later

Shank a posted Nov 16, 14  -  hl2

November 16th, 2004 was a red letter day on both sides of the screen. The original Half-Life had redefined the FPS as an immersive experience instead of merely a series of missions, and no-one expected its follow-up to do anything less. Few were disappointed. In City 17, Valve created one of the most coherent and ambitious worlds ever seen in gaming—and if it looks a little primitive now, it’s because so many since have followed in its footsteps. BioShock Infinite’s opening for instance works almost entirely to Half-Life 2’s now dog-eared playbook, offering greater fidelity and a more exciting city, but recognizably the same style. Read more at PC GAMER

Steam Summer Sale!

Shank a posted Jun 19, 14  -  steamsteam sale

soumyaghosh Guys go to this site for online gaming and casino ...

Killing Floor 2 announced!

Shank a posted May 13, 14  -  kf2

This could be a classic example of, "if it aint broke, don't fix it", but we loves us some Killing Floor, especially after a long hiatus; there's nothing quite like that slow motion ZED time ;)  We'll be sure to keep this on the radar as things develop.

"Killing Floor is a simple game," says Munk. "You have weapons. You see something that looks messed up. And you kill it. You get money for doing it and you buy better weapons. Rinse and repeat. The more enjoyable that small little loop is, the more successful the game is."
-- excerpt from the PC GAMER article, read more here

Shank a I am weldan this doah!
The highly anticipated expansion for Diablo III drops today, and initial reviews seem to be a good sign of a true return to form for the series.  Expect several of our community members to partake in the glory :)

"Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is the game that should have been released two years ago. Even saying that, waiting patiently for this past couple of years, it was well worth it."

"Though Reaper of Souls' story additions feel too open-ended, the new Crusader class and Adventure Mode go a long way towards revitalizing Diablo's inherently fun and addictive core gameplay."
In eager anticipation of the upcoming FITES 250 Man LAN this weekend, we present to you a highlight movie from the past 2013 Summer LAN from August. Enjoy!

Shank a Great stuff -- Enjoy the LAN ...
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March 6th,  6:00 PM - March 8th, 12:00 PM
come watch me die alot! [link]
Was a good time with everyone. Can't wait for the next one!
Only 7 days left, hooah!
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